• Burners
    Beautiful Soap Stone Burners. Choose from our fragrance page which delectable fragrance you want your melts made in.
  • Candle Waxes
    The Soy Wax we use is unique in the way that it is: made from natural products. These are derived from renewable sources like soya bean and vegetable oils. It is environmentally friendly. The wax burns cooler and by doing so lasts 50% longer than standard candles. The Soy Wax "throws the scent" Naturally and right to the bottom of the candle!
  • Fragrances
    Choose from our delectable range of Fragrances for your candles.
  • Candles
    The Best soy candles around
  • Pillar Candles
    Important Information: There has been a lot of news surrounding palm farming lately and this has helped us too by making sure our products are as eco friendly as we can be. No deforestation has been done to grow the palms. No animals have lost their habitats. The company have been growing these palms since 1917 and are kosher certified. We believe in doing our bit and hope to educate people as well. We only deal with reputable suppliers that are doing thier bit as well.
  • Quaint and Quirky
    Our new range of delightful Quaint and Quirky candles. A Perfect gift for that special someone who has everything.
  • Choose from our selection of jars to make your own candles from.
  • Wicks
    Everything you need to make your own delightful candles.